Gardening Guide, What, When and How

Gardening is a human activity wherein involves with cultivating, digging soils, tending and caring plants. There are many types of gardening, some like to grow herbs others wish to plant flowers, trees, water lilies and many others. Gardening can be done in the backyard, balcony, and patio or even in the roof depending on what […]

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Wired for growth

Wired for growth gardening

When Paul Meadows of Halifax needed to know how tall his 100 cherry tomato plants would grow, he didn’t turn to a plant encyclopedia or seed catalogue for the answer. Neither did Wilfrid Somers of Nepean, Ont., when he wanted to identify an impatiens he h ad seen on a trip, nor Rick Tallman of […]

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Green Dreams

garden is behind the house

The house in Brentwood is behind a high wall, and the garden is behind the house, invisible from the street, tumbling down a hillside lushly planted with laurel and sweet gum. Sprays of pink blossoms tumble over low stone walls. A stepped walk, lined with hedges, leads you down past a serene blue pool; on […]

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French leaders are using control of public building plans


FOR CENTURIES, FRANCE’S rulers have sought to leave their mark on Paris, France’s political and architectural showcase. During the past twentyfive years, the administrations of De Gaulle, Pompidou, and Giscard d’Estaing have changed the city more than all the governments since the mid-nineteenth century, when Napoleon III and his prefect, Baron Haussmann, drove their boulevards […]

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